In this episode of The Real Estate Breakdown, Pey Behin discusses open houses. Sellers are often wondering Should I do Open Houses? Do they work? OR – Are open houses just for agents to attract new clients. Basically, do open houses actually sell houses?

Going a little deeper, as a seller, you should think about envisioning your agent at the open house, how would she/he conducts themselves, how social are they, and how do they prepare for the open house and how to attract buyers to sell them the lifestyle the listing brings. “Should I do Open Houses” You ask? The answer is a resounding YES!

In addition to open houses, consider how you will price your home to sell, when to sell, and should you stage it.

“Thank you for joining me. I am Pey Behin. This is the Real Estate Breakdown. Today, I’m addressing what a seller recently said to me. The seller said to me he didn’t want any open houses because “this is only for the agent’s benefit in order to get more buyers. They don’t really sell the house.” That is poquito true, little poquito B.S., and paquito not true. We’re going to deal with that right after this.


Now, should I do open houses? Yes. Open houses are an excellent way to get buyers. I’m not going to lie. But, what I’m finding more and more by hosting these open houses, most of the buyers are already represented. What does that mean to me? Buyers are serious, they’re coming out to the open houses with or without their agent. Maybe, they don’t want to bug their agent, maybe they just want to be on their own schedule. Who knows. But that agents are only there to get the buyers is only half the story.


I’ve had opens where I’ve met buyers. They’ve loved the house. We got time to get to know each other. I’ve sold them the life style. I have sold them the life style. I’ve qualified the buyers which is even more important to my sellers. I’ve seen their determination, their motivation in getting this place. And then I sell them the life style. And they’ve come back with the agent that day or the next day and submitted their offer right then and there.


So, when you’re picking your agent get one that’s not socially awkward. You want to get one that’s friendly, sociable, interactable. You want to picture him at your open house, one that is going to greet your buyers when they walk in and ultimately sell your home to those buyers.


If you’re at your agent interview and you sign the dotted line and the agent takes the pen back and smells the pen. No bueno. Get one that’s presentable, who won’t show up in a t-shirt and sneakers, pulls out their laptop and watches, I don’t know, cat videos on YouTube while not talking to anybody. They’ve got to be friendly. Talk to every single potential buyer that walks into your home and sells them the lifestyle. Think about that every single time you interview an agent.


Now here’s some open house tips. Make sure your house is presentable. If your house is vacant, staged, you’re golden. But, most of the time they’re occupied, you got a little bit of work to do. Agents remind your sellers to clean up after themselves, tidy up, clean up, pick up the laundry, hide the toys. Vacuum your home, lock up any jewelry, nobody works on the honor system. Bring in the cleaners, get the house deep cleaned, lemony fresh.


As the agent I like to bring in a few Bluetooth speakers. I use the Mini Jambox. Make sure all those Jamboxes are synced. Hide them around the house. Play some mood music while I’m there. Get some music that’s suitable for the house. No 2 Live Crew, ah that’s showing my age. No Cardi B, that’s not a money move. You know some Buddha bar type stuff. Chill out music, trance/trip-hop.


Now invest in some scented candles. Don’t get the Walmart candles. You got to create the mood. Avoid scents like patchouli. No one wants a home smelling like a dorm room, streets of Venice Beach, medicinal marijuana rally. Get something good, a quality of some … I don’t know, safflower.


And, last but not least, get the house looking like the listing photos. You want to open up all the curtains, raise the blinds, open windows. Turn on every single light in the home. Get the place lit, not like the kids say. No. Get the place lit, light, and fresh. Then, get an agent that’s not sitting down, who stands up. Then, your agent should just be presentable, friendly, be nice, talk to people. And, most importantly, sells your house.


Those are my tips on how to pick the agent. Picture them at the open house, know what to do at the open house and then your open house should be a success. How many times did I say open house?


Again this is Pey Behin, you can find me on Twitter, Bookface, Snappy Chat and The ‘Gram. All the same name, Pey Behin. Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe. Catch you next time.”


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