In this video, Pey Behin talks about when is the best time to sell a house in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. In addition to timing, you really should consider how you will price your home and staging is always beneficial.


“Welcome, welcome, welcome to The Real Estate Breakdown. I am Pey Behin. Today, we are talking to the sellers. A question I am always asked is, “When is the best time to sell a house or put my house on the market?” We’re going to talk about that after this.


Here we’re going to talk about the DC market. The point of this video is to clear up a lot of the misinformation on the internet, because a lot of the news we get about buyers and seller markets is really nationwide. A market is sort of an anomaly where we don’t really have a bad season, we’re very lucky that way. In DC, we never have enough inventory. In my experience, we have a very long selling season, homes are even closing in December.


If we’re talking about closings, December 2015 beat out March 2016, and even last year all very close and a strong January and February. The only slow season here is really the holiday that falls on December 25th. Are we allowed to say Christmas anymore? And January, January tends to be slow, overspending during the holidays, people here tend to work hard trying to overcompensate for the love and affection they didn’t give throughout the year. January is a little je ne sais quoi. My Spanish isn’t that good. But, by February, we’re back in business.


In DC, there’s pros and cons to when you’re going to list. If you have an exceptional home, lots of character, maybe it’s newly renovated, maybe you put in the Sub-Zeros and the Vikings, maybe you got a dungeon… wait, what? Then maybe the spring market is for you. There still generally tends to be more buyers out during the spring, and if you price the house right, the chances of getting multiples – offers that is – goes up exponentially.


Maybe you’ve got one of those houses that how do I say this nicely, mostly or only you can see the beauty in it, looks like you can hide some dead bodies in there, basement’s a crime scene, if it needs work, then maybe the spring market’s not ideal for you, you’re going to want to list during the slower season.


Think about it this way, when everybody has their house on the market, every house on the market is your competition. What are you willing to do to make sure your house and stands out and attracts the buyers? Hire a landscaper, bring up the curb appeal, get a stager to accentuate the best selling points of your home. Your buyer today is where you bought the house. What did you love about the house when you got it? Bring that to life. Accentuate that, you’ve got to inject some steroids into the marketing of that part, that’s a steroid injection.


Make sure you get a skilled agent to give it the proper market exposure. You don’t want the agent that shows up and goes, “Oh we’ll put this right here”, then he pulls out his cellphone he’s like, “This is going to end up in Architectural Digest, let’s snap a photo shall we? Quick photo over here, let’s snap a quick photo over here”, they do the duck face every time they take a photo of something else.


That ottoman is beautiful, this camera is fantastic, neither one’s going to sell your home. Don’t hire that agent, don’t be that guy. Let me get my pose on from every guy from every night club ever. This is Pey Behin, don’t forget to like and subscribe, find me on Twitter, Snappychat, Book Face, the IG, the ig, the Gram, all the same name Pey Behin, talk to you next time.”


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