What is Staging? Is Staging Necessary to Sell my Home?


This episode of The Real Estate Breakdown – Pey simplifies what is staging, why you need staging a home to sell and should you settle for virtual staging?

“It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to, step, step to. All right. Sorry about that. Again, this is Pey Behin. Today’s episode of the Real Estate Breakdown we’re talking about staging. What is it? Should you do it? In a moment.

Okay. What is staging? You ever go shopping for a home and you walk into a house and you just see everything looks brand new and you slap your husband like, “Oh my God. Why can’t I keep my furniture this clean?” Then you’re like, “It’s not theirs.” It’s not really their furniture. It’s rented, aka “staged.” Always go with a reputable stager. You wanna make sure they know what they’re doing, they style it with the latest trends, fashion, to make your home look as attractive as possible.

Now, should you do this and why? Yes, absolutely. Most buyers don’t understand the dimensions of a room when they walk into it, let alone the vision. I can’t tell you the number of times a couple has been arguing about whether they can fit a twin or a double in a room and me, being 6’1, I have to lay down in my suit to show them a queen size bed or a king size bed is more than possible. The number of times I’ve had to do this with my buyers is unfathomable, but I do it.

Now, every year the National Association of Realtors puts out a study where they polled real estate agents and they find the majority of homes that are staged sell quicker and for more money than non-staged homes. Don’t forget, the first time a buyer actually sees your home is actually on their phone. You wanna get the best pictures possible. You do that with staging in order to make them wanna trek down to your house and walk through the home in person. It’s basically for buyers to see a visualization of the lifestyle they’re going to buy. There’s benefits for sellers and listing agents, too. In fact, there’s three of them. Let’s go through this together, shall we?

The first point is, it maximizes the utility of the floor plans. Second of all, it marries all the different areas of the home and ties them together and to make it a very fluid transition from one room to the next. Three, it shows the highest and best potential of the home in use. Now, how much does it cost? Typically for your average sized home, it can cost a few thousand dollars. As the bigger your home gets, I’ve seen it go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Now, it’s not cheap, but you price your home right, you won’t spend as much time on the market, and you might make more money back. There is a cheaper option. That’s virtual staging.

Now, what is virtual staging? I’m glad you asked. Virtual staging is basically photo shopping a couch into your living room. It’s not the best idea. Yes, it does kind of show them what the house looks like in use, but the technology isn’t quite there yet. You put a photoshopped couch into this living room and the lighting’s off, the place comes off more of a rendering. People can kind of tell. It’s not that attractive. You’re kind of detracting from the whole point of getting a buyer to see a place they wanna go and visit. Instead, they’re looking and wondering if the place is virtually staged.

Once a buyer shows up, they’re all disappointed, throws off the whole energy of the showing. They’re depressed and you’ve defeated the whole purpose of staging. I gotta ruin a perfectly good suit by lying down on this bedroom all over again. Agents, sell your sellers on staging. Sellers, do it. Don’t be that guy. That’s the Real Estate Breakdown. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe. You can catch me on book face, snappy chat, Twitter, the ‘Gram, all the same name, Pey Behin. Until next time.”


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